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The Memory Museum  in the southwest corner of Jardin de Olhão, entered from outside the park, is dedicated to the 1960 earthquake. Displays include interesting photos of Agadir since the 1920s, while others show the effects of the quake.

The mosque, the largest one in Agadir, is located in the corner of February 29th street and President Kennedy Avenue. He decided to give it his father’s name Mohamed 5th, who is also the grand father of the actual King Mohamed 6th. Like in nearly all the mosques in Morocco.

Fortified granary of Imchguiguiln is the Anti-Atlas close to your rented riad is extraordinarily rich in fortified granaries, called agadirs in Berber language. These are exceptional curiosities of a patrimony in reprieve, absent from the program of the tour operators. We propose you the visit of the agadir of Imchguiguiln. This can be done in two or three hours, including travel. She can also enroll in a full day excursion, which will take you to Tafraout, by Tizourgane.

The Amazigh Heritage Museum Located on the Hassan the 2nd Boulevard on the AitSouss square, the Amazigh heritage museum is dedicated to the Berber heritage of the Souss Massa Draa region. This museum opened on February 29th 2000 that is to say 40 years after the destruction of Agadir. More than 900 pieces linked to the Amazigh culture and traditions are exposed.The emblem of the museum, ‘the Massa necklace’ is located in the treasure room. The museum also presents the traditions and daily life of the Amazigh populations.

The Kasbah of Agadir was built in 1540 by the Saadian Sultan Mohammed in the 16th century, then in 1752 the kasbah was restored by the Alawite Sultan Moulay Abdallah, but it was destroyed after the earth quake in 1960 only the ramparts were partially rebuilt. Thousands of people died in this area by the earth quake. The Kasbah is in arabic means fortress, and ruins of fortress that lies on a mountain above the city of Agadir deserve to go uphill for the beautiful views at Agadir, as the Kasbah offers a magnificent view of the beach.