Agadir beaches are blessed with almost guaranteed sunshine (even in winter only 5 days a month see some rainfall; in summer it’s one day a month); no shortage of sand (albeit a bit harsh and busy); good value beach resort accommodation, especially all-inclusive beach holidays; warm waters; direct flights from many European airports including cheap flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and others.
The journey from Almassira Airport to Agadir takes about 20 minutes by taxi, bus or rental car. The distance is 26 kms.

The six-mile gentle curve of Agadir bay is lined with masses of good value hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs.
The city itself is on a different planet from real Morocco, which is a good thing for some and not so good for others. Demolished by an earthquake long ago, Agadir had a modern rebuild, out with the grubby little streets, in with wide, palm-fringed boulevards and whitewashed houses.

Other more-or-less developed beaches near Agadir are: Agadir beach, Tamaounza (12 km); Aitswal beach, Imouran (17 kms); Taghazout (19kms); Bouyirdn (20kms); Timzguida (22kms).